Brand Launch

Get ready for our brand launch

At the beginning of this year we started the project nineplanets. It took us a while to find out who we are and what nineplanets should stand for. 

It all started with the idea to create an online store offering products in the niche "space". For example, clothes with NASA prints, phone cases with space motifs or moon lamps should be offered. But after a while we realized that we wanted to go somewhere else. We wanted more. 

Now we know where the journey should go. We want to offer unique designs that stand out and products that you want to wear every day.

November 1, 2020 marks a new chapter in the history of nineplanets. We are looking forward to sharing our brandnew content with you, containing video- and photo shootings and of course our exclusive designs and products.

Make sure not to miss our cinematic trailer on YouTube: 

You can help us by sharing the video and making your friends aware of it. Also check our Instagram page (click here) regularly and enjoy our new content.

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